• Meyer Burger Slate MAGOG Slate Edition

    Unobtrusive power generation

Roof-integrated, small format 15 Wp solar module optimised for all slate roofs

Meyer Burger Slate MAGOG Slate Edition provides an excellent power yield and is easy to install and maintain.

The small format solar modules are optimised for all roof types according to the technical rules for slate roofing of the Central Federation for the German Roofing Trade.

Advantages of Meyer Burger Slate MAGOG Slate Edition


The small format roof-integrated solar modules blend unobtrusively and elegantly into the roof surface.

2 in 1 Solution

The 2 in 1 solution – Roofing and power generation in a single product.


Hail-proof and classified as hard roofing material.

New construction & Renovation

Suitable for new construction and renovation projects.


Suitable for listed buildings, as well as for complex and small roof areas.

Maintenance Friendly

Easy to repair – individual solar modules can be replaced as necessary.

Slate Roof Design & Meyer Burger Slate MAGOG Slate Edition

Trendsetting homogeneous appearance for building-integrated solutions due to:

  • Homogeneous appearance for building-integrated solutions in the preservation of historic buildings and ensembles.

  • Slate-grey frames and solar modules visually harmonise with slate roofs.

  • Small format modules can be installed flush with the roof surface.

  • Unobtrusive integration of the modules through the use of glare-free, textured solar glass.

Meyer Burger Slate MAGOG Slate Edition – The environmentally friendly way to generate electricity

The Meyer Burger Slate MAGOG Schiefer Edition enables environmentally friendly utilisation of the unlimited free energy from the sun. Sunlight is converted into electricity without noise or pollution. With the Meyer Burger Slate MAGOG Schiefer Edition, private and public developers can make a sustainable contribution to protecting the environment and reducing costs. Thanks to the vast energy reserves of the sun, a sustainable power supply is still ensured even if other resources are exhausted or are no longer available.

High Performance Solar Modules
Cell technology:
6 half-cells, mono n-Si, HJT with SWCT™
16.0 % (calculated for a visible area of 312 mm x 300 mm)
Rated power:
15 Wp per solar roof slate
Overall dimensions:
469.9 mm x 330 mm x 26.3
Visible dimensions:
340 mm x 300 mm
Minimum roof incline:
≥ 30°
2,7 kg
Front/Rear side
Textured solar glass 3.2 mm / Plate glass 3.2 mm
Slate-grey power-coated aluminium
30 years for product and services

Meyer Burger Slate MAGOG Slate Edition can be used for many different types of roof

  • ‘Old German’ roofing

  • Headlap roofing

  • Standard double cladding

  • Scalloped/Universal roofing

  • and many others

Subsidies for Meyer Burger Slate MAGOG Slate Edition

There are many subsidies for renewable energy available in Germany, as well as different subsidies for various regions. We recommend intensive research and collaboration with an accountant or energy consultant.

Among other sources, you can find further information here:

Simple installation, including storm protection

The freedom of movement within the frame of the module offers many advantages:

  • The modules of the Meyer Burger Slate MAGOG Slate Edition can be simply electrically connected with each other from above.

  • Each Meyer Burger Slate MAGOG Slate Edition module can be screwed to the roof construction for storm protection.

  • Due to accessibility from above, all plugs and screw connections can be released and pulled into the SDP section. The Meyer Burger Slate MAGOG Slate Edition module can therefore be simply replaced without damage to the roof.

Listed Buildings

The solar modules are both roofing elements and power generators, which unobtrusively and elegantly blend into the roof area.

The BV Kindergarten project in Schmallenberg-Holthausen was implemented as early as 2000.

  • Simple and durable connection with MC4 plugs.

  • Thermal isolation of power generation layers from the substructure.

PV Installation for a 4-Person Household in Germany

Energy requirement
approx. 4,250 KWh / Year
Recommended PV system size (south-facing)
approx. 6 KW
Average PV power generation in Germany
approx. 950 KWh/KWp
Number of solar modules (6 KWp / 17 Wp)
General: 59 solar modules, 1 KWp each
approx. 353 units

Note: The further south, the more KWh/KWp (per 1 KWp): Flensburg: 890 KWh Freiburg: 1,050 KWh / Italy: 1,300 KWh / Spain: 1,450 KWh).

This information is non-binding. No responsibility is accepted for its accuracy.

Plan your energy saving now

Made in Europe. Designed in Switzerland.

Production and development according to European quality standards


Regionally produced product, lead-free, and produced with 100% renewable energy.


Industry-leading 30-year warranty for product and services.


Elegant design.

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